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Author, Designer, Illustrator, and Art Director
Traci Dibble is an author, illustrator, and book designer of more than 85 children's books. 
Three-time recipient of the Campoy-Ada, o Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil en Lengua Española 

Phillis Wheatley
My Tooth!
Shark Tale
Two Elephants
Battle Time
The Magic Door
Polar Bear Snow Bath
The New Sam
What Do You Want?
Sea Turtles Eat
The Dog House
The Dog Bowl
Chickens on the Farm
From Seed to Killer Plant
How Animals Grow Up
Is It an Ocean Plant or Animal?
Life on the Savanna
Rain, Snow & Ice
Fish Eggs
See the Mammals
That's Trash
We Bring the Mail
Worms are Good for Plants
Grasslands on Fire
Cactus Spines
Save the Ocean
Pumpkins Come from Seeds
Look Out! Lighting
Ice Hockey
The Chocolate Tree
Life on the Blue Planet
Good Bugs, Bad Bugs in the Garden
Living and Non-Living Things in the City
Parrot Colors
Where's the Carrot
Hawks Eat
Butterflies Grow Up
Can You See the Seahorse?
The Parrot Family
A Firefly is Not a Fly
Can You See the Salamander?
Where Can Owls Nest?
Bees and Wasps
Caterpillars Love to Eat
Polar Bear Babies
The Butterfly Looks Like This
Great White Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks
The Life of a Sea Turtle
Orange All Around
The Lion Pride
Purple All Around
Mountain Gorillas
The Brown Bear
What Good are Bugs?
The Fire Truck
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